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OroVerde focuses on the protection and restoration of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth: tropical forests. The strategies OroVerde implements together with our local partners are carefully adapted according to the specific conditions of each region and country.

OroVerde is promoting forest-friendly and sustainable farming methods to improve the living conditions on site so that people can live sustainably with and from the forest. In this context, agroforestry systems are vital for many project areas. Together with local organisations and communities, we are seeking solutions to complex problems. Sometimes these solutions need to be equally complex, sometimes they turn out to be surprisingly simple. 

A selection of our projects

Resilient Caribbean Communities

Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Caribbean

Specialty Coffee from Guatemala

Productivity and quality united in biodiversity


Balance training for Ecosystems


Innovative partnerships for forest restoration

Forest Landscape Restoration

Analysis for the implementation of a worldwide reforestation activities

Impact Investments

Ecological and social impact included?

Effective and successful projects

In more and more projects, Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) are implemented in order to meet specific local requirements.

Among other measures, our projects includes:

  • long-term protection of rainforests and other tropical woodland areas,
  • reforestation with native species,
  • prevention illegal logging and poaching,
  • projects for forest-friendly agriculture and alternative income sources together with the local population,
  • research on forest-friendly economies, ecosystem stability, climate change impacts and other relevant topics,
  • political advocacy for healthy forests, other connected ecosystems and the human livelihoods depending on them,
  • combat climate- and biodiversity crisis.
Countries map

OroVerde collaborates with partner organizations in the countries marked in green.

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