biodiverse agroforestry - the key to sustainable landscape restoration


Innovative partnerships for forest restoration

Together with strong partner organisations, OroVerde is now in its seventh year of promoting socially responsible forest reconstruction in Guatemala. In the ForestValues project, native species are planted in biodiverse forest gardens to create forest-friendly sources of income with the local population.

The project ForestValues covers three areas of tropical forest in Guatemala: Sierra del Lacandón National Park, Sierra de las Minas Biosphere Reserve and Bocas del Polochic Wildlife Sanctuary.

Forest regeneration and protection are important pillars to protect biodiversity, climate and ultimately us humans. Within the last 40 years, Guatemala has lost almost half of its rainforest area (source: dw). It is now important to steer the development in a different direction. This is exactly what we at OroVerde are doing with our partners and the local population. This is how we create forest protection that works - in the long term and in a socially responsible way!

In the second project phase until 2023, the focus will be on strengthening the organisational structures in the communities. In addition, it is important to develop alternative sources of financing so that the project can stand on its own two feet in the medium term. The ForstValue team on site also actively engages in dialogue with political decision-makers in Guatemala. Only if communities, civil society and politics pull together Guatemala's rich forests can be saved.

Lessons Learned from the field

How can we provide adequate support to producers in forest areas? How do we achieve good practices that have a positive impact on nature and take local interests into account? Our lessons learned publication should enable upcoming projects to optimize their actions. There are "DO's": what worked well in the ForestGain project? And "DON'Ts": what have we learned to avoid? For each category there is a checkbox for practical application.

ForestValue is a project to conserve and rebuild tropical forests in Guatemala through partnerships and investments with the private sector. The main findings from the project, which started in 2015, are presented here. This publication is intended for all organizations and communities that wish to combine forest restoration and the marketing of sustainable products in similar projects.

The publication is also available in Spanish and German
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