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With this policy, we encourage persons to report suspected violations as defined by the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG).

Information on any activity which constitutes a penal and fine-imposed violation can be directed to this office. Confidentiality is guaranteed regarding both the person disclosing the information and the person affected by the report. Only the whistleblowing officer authorized to receive the report has access to the incoming information. This person is not bound by instructions from OroVerde and can therefore conduct internal investigations independently.

You can write to the following confidential e-mail address whistleblowing[at]oroverde[dot]de for your report.

If you wish to report anonymously to an external body, the Federal Government's external reporting office at the Federal Office of Justice offers this option. Further information on the procedure can be found at:

Fotonachweis: pxhere (Faultier)

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